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“Mo-Tu-Uv” Co.Ltd was established in 1990 and has grown successfully since. The company is a manufacturer of Mongolian puzzle toys, logic games, hand crafted products and souvenirs and it exports most of its products abroad. The company also operates its own intellectual museum which has many thousands of interesting and amazing games and toys from almost every country in the world. 

The museum’s collection includes many world famous, rare and precious exhibits. For example, collection of over 300 different Mongolian puzzle chess sets made of gold, silver, gemstones and wood using interlocking methods and among them the smallest and the biggest Mongolian puzzle chess sets in the world are displayed. Moreover these famous puzzle exhibits include ‘Eiffel Tower’, ‘Statue of Liberty’, ‘Egyptian Pyramid’,’ Maugli’, ‘Ancient Temple’, ‘Sea Angel’, ‘Puzzle Spaceship’ which is composed of 673 different wooden pieces interlocked and requires 5000 locking tricks, ‘Mickey Mouse’, ‘Tom and Jerry’, ‘Cat Master’ and ‘The Doll’. The smallest and the biggest chess sets attract particular attention, as the pieces of smallest chess are 5-10mm and of biggest are 35-55cm and the length of the chess board is 7.6 m. The black pieces are made as knights of Chinggis Khaan, the white pieces are designed on the theme ‘The three manly games’ and made from famous real people and this chess set is considered to be rare art work that can be included in the world’ s cultural heritage fund. 

Undeniably, the Mongolian puzzle chess set is seen as the one of the wonders of the world by its complexity, design, carvings, interlocking method and its shape and the all pieces are designed based on Mongolian traditional ‘Hosh’ puzzling method. The each chess piece is made with a owner and is separated into 4-6 pieces, interlocked through 3 dimensional movements and requires up to 18 different locking tricks. Moreover the pieces consist of 160 parts and the total of 1022 gemstones from 18 different categories are placed on the pieces, the board, the table and the chairs. It has been announced that an award of $10.000 will be given to someone who could assemble the king of this chess within 10 minutes and people and audience from 177 countries have so far taken part in the bet.  

The one copy of this chess set is given as a gift to The International Chess Association in 1998, the President of this organisation Mr Ilumjinov highly valued it as ‘a piece of wonderful and rare art of intellectual work which is worth far more than $1 million and rewarded a honorary award to the creator and praised him for being a great contributor for the development of art of chess in the world.  

The one of the famous exhibits of the museum is a puzzle tortoise made of 5 kg of silver and requires 33 different interlocking methods which offers $100.000 award for someone who can assemble it.  

Because of its interesting and famous collections, the museum has exhibited over 80 international exhibitions and fairs in 50 countries and rewarded a number of gold, silver and bronze medals for its excellence. Every year, many visitors and tourists come to Mongolia to see the museum. 

The company employs many highly skilled and creative artists who are well known and famous in the country as well as internationally. These artists use Mongolian traditional methods combined with modern ‘know-how’ technology with thousands of technical drawings for their works. 

“Mo-Tu-Uv” Co.Ltd is a member of the International Organisation for Folk Art (IOV) which has over 150 member countries and Mr Z.Tumen-Ulzii, managing director of the company is in the Board of this organisation. And Mr.Tumen-Ulzii is a member of International Puzzle Academy. 
Today mankind can be criticised for becoming passive minded and lacks physical activities.  

The main tool which can be used to prevent this is a games and toys and this have been proved by many researchers. 
Games and toys are very important educational tools played by people of all ages, reflecting philosophical, mathematical and technological knowledge and values of a particular nation and these values can have a deep impact on a culture and development of the country.  The future development of a nation could be assessed by its children and the future of the children can be assessed by toys they play. This simple example reminds people that games and toys are the main tools to develop you and your country. 

If you need a Mongolian traditional puzzle and riddle games and toys, souvenirs, hand crafted products and the chess sets beautifully made of wood, metal, gold and silver or if you want to see, relax and feel thousands of rare, intellectual, world famous exhibits, please feel free to visit “Mo-Tu-Uv” Co.Ltd and its international intellectual museum.  
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